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Community Exercise

Sunday Sesh CBR

Canberra running group supporting the community on their running journey


Sunday 7:15 AM

Location On Lake Cafe, Barton, Canberra

Distance 5km - 10km

The Locker Room Walk

The Locker Room Walk is for both Men and Woman from all walks of life who come together on the first weekend of every month in the name of Mental Health.
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We provide a space and environment to connect and be present while walking park of Canberra’s beautiful lake. We start from Henry Rolland Park and make our way from “Bridge to Bridge” stopping along the way to collect a take away coffee. Bring the dog, bring a friend or come as you are. We welcome you with open arms.


Sunday 10am - 11.30 AM

Location Henry Rolland Park, Canberra

Distance 5km


WALK-W-ME is designed for people to come together to walk and talk.
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We have found that walking and talking has become a very authentic way to strike up a conversation without the formalities. Sometimes these formalities form a structured conversation that makes it difficult to say how we really feel or have felt about certain things in life.


Sunday 9:00 AM

Location Lake Burley Griffin (The Flags)