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News tagged ‘Podcast’

Peak2Soon by Brent Ford

Weighing in at 140kg in 2018, some advice from a good friend set Brent Ford down the path that would change his life for the better. He took up running when that was all anyone could do at the start of the pandemic, struggling to get through five kilometres, but his passion for the sport only grew. Recently completing a 100 kilometre race in Australia's Snowy Mountains, Brent as a passionate story teller is now bringing his love for the sport of trail and ultra running to the masses.

Mindset for Runners by Rob Mason

Rob Mason is one of Australia’s premier ultramarathon runners. Rob won the 2022 Coast to Kosciuszko establishing himself at the very pinnacle of his chosen sport. In his podcast, Mindset for runners, Rob provides practical lessons and tips to help you develop the mental side of your running.